Digital Agency Pros Podcast

Episode 2 - Gee Ranasinha

August 2, 2021
Gee Ranasinha is CEO of KEXINO, an award-winning start-up and small business marketing agency.
For seven years Gee was Worldwide Director of Marketing for a German software company, working with clients such as IKEA, Marvel, Nestlé, Airbus, and Time Magazine. For the past 14 years he has been CEO of KEXINO, an award-winning marketing agency specializing in helping startups and small businesses around the world deploy next-generation marketing within - and across - their organizations.
A Fellow of the Chartered Institute Of Marketing, Gee is also a Visiting Professor at a well-known European business school, lecturing to final-year MBA students on Marketing and Behavioral Economics. Originally from London, today Gee lives with his family in Strasbourg, France.
Hosted by: Andrew McBurney

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